About Us

P r o v i s c o c i t y     L.L.C.

Proviscocity is a Washington D.C. based Entertainment & Media Services Company
that provides professional grade services in the fields of

Our Work

We provide the following services

Music and Audio for Projects

We provide original compositions to meet your projects requirements across a plethora of genres. Contact us for samples of our work.

Video Services for Projects

We can provide 720p fractal renderings for your projects

Canvas Prints of Fractals

You can order and buy Canvas prints of fractal pieces from here.

Event Photography

We provide Band Photography, Gig photography, Social gatherings and events.

Our Portfolio

Music Videos

Professional level, unique and custom tailored music videos aimed at independent and upcoming artists at affordable prices.

Fractal Artwork

Brilliantly colored canvas prints of Fractals for your Business or Home decor. We have Random Pieces & Themed Collections.

Music Scores for Projects

We can provide original compositions for your film and animations.

Artist Photography

We can help create professional & dynamic Press Kit pictures for Artists.

Album Covers

Affordable album covers & artwork aimed at independent and upcoming artists.

Fractal Animation

Interesting, engaging and unique Fractal Animation videos for your next project.